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All components and finished products are fully tested for conformance to the relevant specifications developed jointly between the US Army and Opticorp, Inc. As the technology developer, Opticorp works to ensure continuous compliance in order that only products of the highest quality and performance are fielded. 


Key specs and points to consider


Mechanical integrity: 


-Tensile strength, adhesion, resistance to delamination. Our base films, ion etching process, and optimized adhesives result in high performance and reliability.  Inferior process can lead to the separation at the various layer interfaces.


IR Performance:


-We use an optimized thin film layer to achieve industry leading heat signature masking.


Color and Gloss:


-We have a long history of providing the various colors that are required by different forces operating in their respective environments. All color coatings are optimized to maintain their mechanical and optical performance.


-Gloss is of primary importance. Products which do not satisfy the low gloss (matte) specifications can put soldiers in harm's way, appearing as visible mirrors in daylight. Opticorp uses custom fabricated coating equipment that provides the required surface texture to meet the specifications at all viewing angles. 


Quality Assurance:


-All products are fully tested according to US Army requirements using specified ASTM standard test methods. Sample sizes are determined by production lot size. 

-Accelerated aging is used to verify life expectancy and performance under harsh shipping and usage environments. 







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