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Company History and Our Technology


Founded as OptiCoat Associates in 1985 by David C Smith, MSc Optics University of Rochester. Mr. Smith enjoyed a distinguished career which began at Honeywell Electro-Optics in 1979 where his team developed Gen I Abrams tank mounted FLIR (forward looking infrared) optical imaging systems. His expertise in IR optics and his relationship with the US Army led to the co-development of the first combat deployed Low Emissivity IR Tape. Sadly, David is no longer with us.  His legacy business is carried on by his brother Christopher Smith and brother-in-law Anthony Diaz. Both serve as Co-Presidents and continue to provide the technology, production quality, and business support that is required by our primary customer, the US Army. C. Smith has his BSc degree in optical engineering from the University of Rochester and brings 35 years of optical thin film and magnetic data storage tape product and market development experience. A. Diaz is a seasoned business and university facilities managing director and brings strong business acumen to Opticorp.


Born from expertise in optical science, Opticorp products are designed and manufactured to the highest level of quality and performance. We employ a combination of plastic base film material, a deposited thin film structure, and colored plastic protective overcoats to achieve the desired and specified mechanical, thermal, and optical properties in both the visible and infrared spectrums. Release paper backed adhesive is applied for the purpose of adhesion to various substrates, primarily to CIPS tank and military vehicle mounted panels. Films may be mounted to soft, flexible substrates for the purpose of personal IR and visible signal control systems and are commonly referred to as CIDT or TIP panels. 


All stages of material procurement and processes are fully tested according to US Army specifications which were co-developed with Opticorp. Our products meet and exceed all relevant specifiations.


In 2010, Opticorp formed a strategic business alliance with Cejay Engineering for the distribution of our products. Cejay is a value added reseller of Opticorp technology and continues to service existing and developing markets and applications of the core Opticorp technology.



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